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Today's Top 10
Prostate cancer biopsies and pathology: Biopsy Gleason score ? 6. How to predict final pathological specimen Gleason score?
Thomas Seisen2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Living donor nephrectomy and tumours on kidney transplanted patients: Decreasing operating times and complication rates after laparoscopic donor nephrectomy by different techniques in highly experienced surgical teams
Eveline Broers2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Advances in the treatment of penile cancer: The treatment of penile carcinoma-in-situ within a UK supraregional network
Marc Lucky2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
New data on androgen deprivation with a GnRH antagonist: Improving patient outcomes in prostate cancer: Welcome and introduction
Theo De Reijke2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Laparo-endoscopic single site transvesical bladder cuff excision
René Sotelo Noguera2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Intrafascial nerve-sparing endoscopic extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy (nsEERPE) with 3-D visualisation
Ronan Long2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Aggressive bladder neck sparing in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
Michal Smolski2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Advances in the treatment of penile cancer: Zonal mapping of inguinal lymph nodes using SPECT - implications for lymphadenectomy for penile carcinoma
Savvas Omorphos2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Paediatric urology: What's new?: Pediatric ureteroscopy with two guide wires technique
Wael Gamal Saad2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Evidence-based prostate cancer therapies in cellular and animal models: Transcriptional down-regulation of the androgen receptor by promoter G-quadruplex stabilisation; a potential alternative treatment in castrate-resistant prostate cancer
Tom Mitchell2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013

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