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Today's Top 10
Laparo-endoscopic single site transvesical bladder cuff excision
René Sotelo Noguera2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Management of hypospadias cripples: Complication rates of the two-staged buccal mucosa repair in Bracka technique
Silke Riechardt2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Kidney transplantation: Technique and outcome: Kidney autotransplantation and revascularization surgery - still a good option
David Gosalbez Garcia2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Paediatric urology developments: Previous endoscopic injection significantly reduces reimplantation success: Critical retrospective analysis of 398 patients
Serdar Tekgül2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
A prospective study to evaluate the role of different variables in results of TIPU
Amilal Bhat2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
The use of a perimeatal-based penile skin flaps for cover the repair of a TIP urethroplasty. From experimental surgery to clinical practice
Stefanos Gardikis2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Long term results of anastomotic urethroplasty performed in children
Igor Belousov2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Men's sexual health: Cavernous vein leakage: Diagnosis with 3D CT cavernosography reveals promising treatment by DVC bunching
Yasuo Kawanishi2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Joint Session of the European Association of Urology (EAU) and the Arab Association of Urology (AAU)
Raja Khauli2013-03-15
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Outcome of Y-V plasty as a final option in patients with recurrent bladder neck sclerosis after failed endoscopic treatment
Khalid Ahmed Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013

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