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Today's Top 10
EAU 2013 Live Surgery: 07 - Mini Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Neuro-urology: Basic research: Supraspinal control of urine storage and micturition in men – an fMRI study
Ulrich Mehnert2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Influence of pre-transplant diuresis in the development of lower urinary tract dysfunction in renal transplant patients
Fábio António Escórcio De Almeida2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
How to reduce warm ischemia in partial nephrectomy: A clinical study of laparoscopic nephron-sparing partial nephrectomy with temporary blocking-up segmental branch of renal artery technique
Fang Min Chen2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Evidence-based prostate cancer therapies in cellular and animal models: Resistance towards temsirolimus is counteracted by epigenetic intervention
Jasmina Makarevic2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Pre-clinic multidisciplinary meetings are a useful tool for treatment decision making and stratifying patient follow-up
Janette Kinsella2013-03-16
14th EAUN Meeting, Milan
The depletion of H4K12ac within developmentally relevant promoters is not accompanied by alteration of DNA methylation in sperm of subfertile men.
Agnieszka Paradowska2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Testicular morphology and spermatozoids in hypertensive rats treated or not with enalapril
Diogo De Souza2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Diet rich in polyunsaturated fatty acid induces overweight but improves the testicular morphology in adult rats
Naiara Silva2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
RAPGEF6 function in mouse spermatogenesis
Keisuke Okada2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013

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