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Today's Top 10
Evidence-based prostate cancer therapies in cellular and animal models: Transcriptional down-regulation of the androgen receptor by promoter G-quadruplex stabilisation; a potential alternative treatment in castrate-resistant prostate cancer
Tom Mitchell2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Urological disorders that challenge the surgeon: Common benign andrological pathologies: Phimosis, hydrocele, varicocele - diagnosis, treatment and management
Ian Eardley2013-03-18
14th EAUN Meeting, Milan
Bladder diseases and treatments: Treatment overview of bladder cancer
Levent Türkeri2013-03-18
14th EAUN Meeting, Milan
Asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnant women
Sungat Kuderinov2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Comparative urological complications of ureteroneocystostomy in kidney transplantation: Transvesical Leadbetter-Politano versus extravesical Lich-Gregoir technique
Bogdan Constantin Háinealá2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Prostate cancer: Surgery outcomes: PUKA study: A snapshot of radical prostatectomy practice in the UK
Alexander Laird2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Kidney transplantation: Technique and outcome: Lich-Gregoir technique and routine use of double J catheter as the best combination to avoid urinary complications in kidney transplantation
Pedro Lopez Cubillana2013-03-17
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Kidney injury following clampless laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: Is an early detection of acute postoperative damage possible? A preliminary experience
Francesco Porpiglia2013-03-16
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
Nephrectomy for RCC: Minimally invasive techniques, renal function, lymph node dissection and prognostic factors: The role of cytoreductive nephrectomy in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) who are the candidates for targeted therapy
Alexey Klimov2013-03-18
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013
New data in metastatic RCC: Applying the evidence to clinical practice: Q&A session
Arnaud Mejean2013-03-15
28th Annual EAU Congress 2013

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